How much grain will be exported in 2015

Ministry of Agrarian Policy has signed collaboration memorandum with grain traders that measures grain quantum of exports of Ukraine of current marketing year (June 2014 and July 2015). This was reported by Alexei Pavlenko, head of Ministry of agrarian policy. “The main goal is to predict the dynamics of grain market focusing on export and to guarantee supply safety” According to president of Ukrainian grain association, Vladimir Klimenko, maximum grain quantum of exports that will be available is 1.2 millions Mg. 0.9 millions Mg will be cater during three month and the rest 0.3 millions Mg will be cater from April to June. According to memorandum fodder wheat volume of exports can reach 3.4 millions Mg till the end of marketing year As a result total export of grain and fodder wheat will consequently reach 7.1 millions Mg and 5.7 millions Mg. Kimenko claimed that consentient quantum of exports can be changed after information about winter crops conditions is confirmed. According to Ministry of agrarian policy Ukrainian agrarians have exported 21.2 millions Mg from the beginning of marketing year till current condition on January 26. Ministry of Economic Development and Trade expects growth of grain export till 37.8 millions Mg in the following marketing year instead of 32.4 millions Mg which were exported on foreign markets in previous year. Ukraine has requested European Union to increase shares of agricultural products. According to Ministry of Agrarian Policies officials on January 17 Alexei Pavlenko has requested to increase or cancel shares on Ukrainian agricultural products with European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil Hogan on meeting in Berlin. Pavlenko claimed that Ukrainian side has developed series of top-priority laws to provide products quality and maintain harmony between Ukrainian laws and EU quality demands. The top-priority still remains rapid acceptance of laws in the matter of sanitary examination. This will allow to use shares and open trade mode between Ukraine and EU to the full extent. Both sides agreed on effective collaboration between Ukraine and EU in agricultural field and announced next session of ‘negotiation Ukraine – EU ‘ about agricultural issues in the beginning of 2015