About us

“Vector Oil Trade” group of companies successfully provides trade and elevator services since 1995. Our company develops in three directions: agricultural products trade, logistics service package and manufacturing of agricultural products. We specialize in cultivation and vending grain, corn, rape, soya beans and barley.

Our main goal is to sell best products at competitive prices and provide elevator and stuffing services of best quality.

Elevator storage hopper is prepared to admit, dry, store and load grain. Sipping is available though Motor/Rail transport and sea shipping. We have our own certified hi-tech lab that is responsible for quality of sold and purchased grain. Besides we collaborate with such companies as Bastico and SGS. Companies property includes truck fleet that includes grain transporters such as Kamaz and MAN.

We export our products to Asian countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Indonesia and other), provide shipping to harbors of Black Sea( Odessa, Ilichevsk and other). We collaborate with such companies as Maersk, CMA, CGM, MSC, MOL, Yang Ming, K-Line to ship cargo in containers.